What You Put Into Your Body Matters! An Honest Self-Assessment Quiz

What You Put Into Your Body Matters! An Honest Self-Assessment Quiz

Everything you consume impacts your health

If you eat something bad just once a week, it can create stress in your body for 3-4 days after you consume it! The byproducts of the food you eat can take days for your body to fully process. It is so important to be mindful about how your body will be affected by what you are eating. Are you enjoying food that also nourishes your body? Everything you consume, whether it’s real food or not, affects your health in some way. Being honest with yourself about your eating habits is crucial. There is no shame if you are not eating healthy…it’s just where you are at the moment. Realizing you don’t eat well is half the battle. The good news is that you can turn your diet around feel the powerful effects of healthy eating!

Take the quiz below to find out if you are on the right track.



Before taking this quiz it’s a good idea to look at the ingredients list for the packaged food you consume, as there may be detrimental ingredients you are unaware of. (A good rule of thumb is if it is hard to pronounce, it is probably not good for you.) Knowing your food’s content will allow you to get an accurate idea of what you are consuming.

Answer yes if you consume any amount listed below on a weekly basis:

  1. Do you eat items with added sugar? (Check the ingredients list on your foods. Even foods like peanut butter can have added sugar.)
  2. Do you eat processed or refined foods? (This includes items like cereal, pasta, bread, crackers, chips, hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, white flour, skim milk, refined table salt.)
  3. Do you consume alcohol?
  4. Do you consume beverages with added sugar?
  5. Do you consume beverages with added preservatives, artificial flavors/colors?
  6. Do you consume foods with added preservatives, artificial flavors/colors? (Which butter often contains.)
  7. Do you eat fast food?
  8. Do you eat fried food?
  9. Do you drink fruit smoothies and/or juices?



Ideally, none of your answers should be “yes”. Consuming even small amounts every day or every week adds up! It’s important to realize how even the slightest amount of these food-like substances can wreak havoc on your health. Accumulating over time, these harmful substances little by little degrade your health.

If your answer was “no” to all eight questions then you’re on the right track with your diet! But, if still you experience health issues, then I suggest finding a health practitioner who can determine other foods that are causing your health problems. As a specialist in bioindividual nutrition, I know that some foods that are normally healthy for most might cause health issues for others.


A more in-depth look at the quiz

The numbers below correlate to the quiz numbers. More detail is provided as to why the ingredients listed in the quiz are not good for your health.

1&4. You get all the sugar you need from what is naturally found in whole, real food. Added sugars are completely unnecessary, and flat-out detrimental to your health. They lead to inflammation, food cravings, obesity, hormonal imbalances (think hot flashes!), blood sugar issues and lots of other negative side effects.

2. Processed and refined food typically lack any beneficial nutrients, but have an abundance of nutrient-sapping additives that create stress on your body.

3. They call it intoxication for a reason. Alcohol is a toxin.

5&6. Added preservatives, as well as artificial flavors and colors, aren’t recognized by the body. They add no nutritive value and create stress in your body. Because the body can’t use them, it has to divert resources, time, and energy to expel them. This quickly overwhelms your body.

7. Fast food is typically full of added sugars, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors. It is heavily processed and isn’t healthy at all!

8. Fried food is typically fried in oils that become rancid when exposed to heat. This spoiled oil, when ingested, is toxic to your body. All vegetable oils, while cost-effective, contribute to symptoms of inflammation, depression and brain fog.

9. Fruit smoothies and juices are just sugary drinks. When you juice fruit, you’re taking out the nutrients and leaving all the sugar. Even when you blend whole fruit into a smoothie, you are getting an overabundance of sugar. It is important to remember that fruit is nature’s dessert!

For a free healthy swap handout click here!

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