This is what’s wrong with your current diet


This is what’s wrong with your current diet

Are you eating healthy but still have a lot of health problems?

Your diet is NOT right for YOU!


We are not all the same…humans are a mix of skin tones, eye colors, face shapes. Our uniqueness makes us interesting and should be celebrated! Similarly, our uniqueness applies to how our bodies function and our diet…one dietary recommendation does NOT fit all.


Finding the right diet for you can be tricky. In order for your diet to be sustainable, you must love what you eat. However, sometimes it seems what you like to eat and what your body needs for optimal health, are polar opposites.


On top of that even some health foods can negatively impact your health depending upon factors like gene SNPs, nutrient deficiencies, digestive health, and more.


There are certain compounds found in foods like salicylates, lectins, and oxalates that can wreak havoc on your health for reasons I mentioned above.


For example, if you are prone to red cheeks and ears, then that’s a sign that you might have a salicylate intolerance. Avoiding high salicylate foods and implementing some healing strategies allows your body to heal by addressing the root cause and avoiding the stressor. Oftentimes you are able to add foods back in once healing has occurred.


You might not think spinach, blueberries, almonds, and coffee have much in common besides all being plant based and food. However, they are all high in salicylates.


I specialize in finding the right diet for your body. Together we make a plan that address the root cause of your health issues allowing you to heal and regain your health.


It is important that along the way that you feel satisfied and enjoy what you are eating. When healing needs to take place there are adjustments that need to be made in order to heal. I give small manageable goals every time we meet. These goals allow you to make positive changes in your health without you feeling overwhelmed. These goals are tailored specifically towards your health needs and lifestyle.


Striking the right balance that is right for your body and taste buds is tricky. Let me help you with that!


Happy Eating!

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