Who hasn’t had a food baby?! Everyone overeats every now and then. However, overeating shouldn’t be a common occurrence.

The other day I made a massive meal. I wasn’t even that hungry but I had it in my head that I should be hungry. So, I proceeded to eat all of it. To make matters worse I over salted my meal. On top of having a food baby, and the discomfort that comes with it, I became parched. It was so intense that I didn’t care that chugging water made my belly hurt even worse. I had an unquenchable thirst and was downing water like my life depended on it.

What did I do to remedy this situation?

I proceeded to listen to what my body had to say. Because overeating slows down and overwhelms your digestion, I drank some raw apple cider vinegar to help digest my food. Then I went about business as usual.

I didn’t get upset. I’m human. Shit happens. I didn’t restrict my calories the next day. I didn’t exercise more to “make up” for the excess in calories I consumed. I simply made more of an effort to be mindful of my body’s needs.


When we do something like overeat or eat poorly we tend to be too hard on ourselves by:

  • Trying to ‘make up and or undo’ what we ate.
  • Saying “fuck it” and self-destruct by going on a binge.


The best way to handle poor eating and habits is to be mindful of what your body has to say.


Listen to your body talk.


Implementing this is easier said than done. But when we listen to our body talk we realize we don’t need more food (don’t go on a binge) and we don’t need to work extra hard or restrict calories (often leading to your body feeling starved leading you to overeat again continuing the vicious cycle). When you listen to your body and respect what it has to say you are assuring good health and a healthy relationship with food.


Overeating happens to the best of us. However, chronic overeating is a sign that you have an unhealthy relationship with food. Main causes include:

  • Not fueling your body with the right foods.
  • Unhealthy relationship with food.
    • Stress eating
    • Emotional eating
  • Dysbiosis
    • Dysbiosis meaning you have more, bad gut bacteria then good.
  • Caloric restriction
  • Parasites
  • Blood sugar dysregulation


If you struggle with chronic overeating working with a qualified health practitioner may be necessary to address the root cause so you can kick that bad habit to the curve once and for all.

Overeating is not a fun experience. It can be frustrating to feel so out of control when it comes to eating. It can make you want to take extreme measures to try and rectify the situation or to ‘punish’ yourself for bad behavior. These tendencies make matters worse. Listen to your body and what it has to say, learn from your experience, show yourself forgiveness and keep living your best life.


Happy Eating!

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  • Cassandra Carpenter

    January 18, 2019 at 9:11 pm Reply

    Wonderfully and honestly said and I love how you expose your own vulnerabilities and struggles.

    • lorelei baron

      January 25, 2019 at 12:25 am Reply

      Thank you! I really appreciate your comment:)

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