Finding your beauty

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Finding your beauty

When it comes to beauty, you can’t have it all… and that’s a good thing. It means beauty isn’t limited to one particular look, no matter how hard society might try to pin it down to one type.


Beauty comes in so many different shapes and sizes. So many people want to be skinny yet curvy, athletic yet slender, tall yet petite. So many people strive to be something they are not.


When you focus on your own inner beauty, and choose to embrace your natural features, that’s when you shine. That is when you radiate an electric presence that draws people to you. That is what makes you beautiful.


No one is beautiful quite like you. How neat is that?! Embrace what makes you beautiful. Focus on your unique beauty only you can offer the world.


When I go on Instagram and look at people’s profile I see a sea of beautiful faces. Everyone is so different. Petite, curvy, big lips, small lips, muscular, lean, lanky, short, light skinned, dark skinned, blue eyes, brown eyes, stretch marks, scars… all beautiful features. Everyone I see is a combination of these features and more. Mixed together to make a beautiful concoction that has never been replicated before.


Your body tells a story. What you have endured in this life. It is a representation of you. It is the first thing people see. Embrace it. Love your body.


Appreciate the beauty in others, but don’t aspire to be beautiful exactly like them. You will never match up because you can’t offer what they can. But you can offer something equally as beautiful when you embrace your own features, your body, and its story. That’s when you’ll shine. That’s when you’ll truly be happy with your body and life.


I love going on Instagram and looking at all the beautiful faces, figures, and personalities. It reminds me how diverse the world is and how beautiful I am in my own way. I don’t compare, I appreciate the beauty.


When we spend time wishing we looked like someone else we do ourselves and our bodies a disservice. We aren’t appreciating our own beauty. That’s a damn shame.


When we build each other up and recognize the beauty in ourselves we are creating a world that is full of compassion, love, and acceptance. We are setting a good example for the next generation.


Next time you see someone beautiful, remember you are beautiful too. Another person’s beauty doesn’t take away from your own. There is infinite beauty in this world. Embrace yours and show it off to the world.


Happy Eating!

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