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Hi! I’m Lorelei

I believe the human body has innate intelligence.
This means your body has an amazing ability to
heal itself.

However, you need time, you need to feed your body the nutrients it needs to heal itself, and you need to take care of your body both mentally and physically. This is a powerful healing combination that can lead you to great health. Knowing the right combination is tricky.


My passion for and belief in the philosophy of innate intelligence has driven me to study the human body, so I can help others achieve optimal health. I have learned how the body was created to perform, and what it needs to function at its optimal level.


I am excited to lead you down a positive path, to discover and address the root causes of your problems, so you too can experience the true power of your body’s innate intelligence.

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I was inflicted with chronic pain. At times, it was so bad it immobilized me. A couple years later more health issues started to occur. I was dealing with chronic fatigue, muscle weakness in my legs, and other health issues, in addition to my pain. I saw multiple different doctors specializing in a myriad of specific body functions, and they all told me the same thing:

I needed to learn how to deal with my health
issues by managing my symptoms.

This left me extremely dismayed. I knew there was a reason for my failing health. I wanted a solution, not a passive pain and symptom management “plan”.
I turned to holistic approaches, which lead me on the path to heal my body as a whole. I fell in love with how powerful a holistic approach is.

Best Supplements for Health
Healthy Eating Guidelines
Lorelei: Health and Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, lorelei baron, confessions of a body
Now I want to help everyone experience how gratifying it is to lead a healthy lifestyle.
Finding out what constitutes a healthy lifestyle for you can be a difficult journey, but it’s one worth taking.
It’s a path that will leave you happier, stronger, and more content then you have ever been!