What is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP)?

Nutritional therapy uses real food and positive lifestyle habits to restore one’s health. Eating real food supports stable energy levels, good sleep, a happy mind, proper hormonal and weight balance, heart health, healthy digestion, and much more! However, nutritional therapy is more then just eating real food. It’s eating the right food to fuel your body so it can handle the daily stresses of life and start to heal. Healthy eating isn’t one size fits all. In order to make positive changes in your health you need to know what foods you specifically need to heal your body. This idea, coupled with lifestyle changes, addresses the root cause of symptoms, allowing your body to heal and your symptoms to greatly reduce, or even disappear, giving you optimal health.

Do you offer packages?

Six and twelve visit prepay packages are available. Packages will be discussed in more detail during your initial interview.

What is BioIndividual Nutrition?

BioIndividual nutrition looks at how food affects your unique biochemistry:

  • It uses specific and crucial information regarding your response to food and nutrients to decipher clues, especially for those who experience physical and/or mental health problems.
  • It recognizes person is unique. What nourishes and heals the body for one person can potentially wreak havoc on another person’s health.  In other words, what is healthy for one person can be harmful to another person’s health.
  • It is based on nutrition science, along with therapeutic diets, to address your body’s specific needs. This allows your body to heal on a deeper level, giving you better health. BioIndividual nutrition is especially helpful for people who feel they eat healthy, but still have health issues.

I already eat healthy and live an active lifestyle. How could you help me?

Even if you eat healthy, the foods you’re eating might be causing (or contributing to) certain health problems. It can be difficult to figure out what these foods are. I can figure out what foods you should eat to heal your body, and what foods should be avoided. As your body heals, your body’s responses may change. Different foods may be added back in to your diet, and certain foods may need to be removed.

Living an active lifestyle can also create too much stress on an already stressed body (like any new situation, your body needs time to adjust). So even though you are working out often (which is critical for good health), your body might not be in the right state to benefit from the workout. Your body may require time to heal first. It can be difficult to know what is right for YOUR body. On paper, you may look like a healthy person, but in reality, some of these “healthy” practices might not be right for you (given your current health situation). I can help you understand what is right for YOU.

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