I believe the body is speaking to you every day. Whispering what it needs, what it wants us to avoid, how we should treat it and so on. Sometimes, it is difficult to understand these basic things and we go on wishing there was a single fix that can make it all go away, because quite frankly it all doesn’t seem to make sense. Confessions of a Body helped me to identify what my body is telling me and clearly indicated the steps I should take to make sure I am getting what I need to live a full healthy life. It sounds pretty simple at the end of the day, but each person is so uniquely different. Thanks to Confessions of a Body I have found the perfect solution for ME! I have not felt better in years!


I never knew what I didn’t know. My perception of my health was that all in all, I was in great health. I am a good weight and exercise regularly. I associated this with my “good eating” and exercise habits, if I do say so myself. Even though I struggled with kidney stones and urinary tract infections, plus worsening arthritis, I thought it was just my lot in life. I’m a glass half-full kind of person. I thought it was an unavoidable fate, and in the grand scheme of things I counted my blessings.

But knowledge is power. Engaging with Confessions of a Body and working with Lorelei Baron on a nutrition plan has allowed me to achieve a level of great health I never experienced. I have learned so much about nutrition, and I know I have so much to learn and apply.

Even though I am in my 50’s, I feel great. The arthritis and stiffness I experienced in my hands, neck and back is so much better, its like getting decades of life back in my joints. I have not had a kidney stone or UTI since under Lorelei’s care; due to a combination of diet changes and supplementation, I believe my kidneys are functioning properly. Gone are the random lower back aches associated with kidney issues. Gone is the uncomfortable/slightly painful urination I just considered normal.

I never considered I could control symptoms of perimenopause through diet. But with changes to my diet, including the quality of the food I eat, my hot flashes disappeared. I didn’t know that was possible. There is a direct correlation between what foods I eat and my menopausal symptoms. The knowledge Lorelei has given me is invaluable to me, for that alone.

Friends sometimes notice my eating habits have changed. They think I have sacrificed enjoying good and tasty food, but that’s not the case. I love what I eat. I love being with my family while a great meal is prepared. I love enjoying the meal together. The health plan Lorelei laid out for me has changed my life. Changed my family’s life. All for the better. Thank you!


Lorelei took the time to talk with me and suggested a diet specifically for me. I have been following it and it’s really helping. My symptoms are almost gone!


While having dinner w a mutual friend she noticed I wasn’t having any wine. I told her no because I get constant very nasty headaches. I told her my doctor just told me to take Excedrin and to have them with me at all times. My friend said it could be because of the way you eat. You should talk to Lorelei Baron. So, I did and a few consultations later has me not only feeling 100% better with more energy- BUT – no more headaches!!! Oh, I’ll still get the rare one but not of the killer intensity. When I go grocery shopping with my husband he’ll say “buy this” and I’ll say “no, Lorelei wouldn’t approve”.

So, my advice to you is – if you have health problems and your doctor can’t or won’t bother to remedy – you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. Talk to Lorelei. My best wishes for your good health.

P.S. I’m enjoying a glass of dry red again with dinner!